Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An update! Oh my!

So it´s been forever since my last post. Not done too much on the mendel (Huxley), but I´ve got most of the parts now. iPrint3D sent me electronics, motors and wires, so I should be good to go. I have spent a lot of time staring at the electronics and trying to figure how it should be wired up, I´m not doing very well (with the understanding, I´ve gotten pretty good at the staring).

I bought a ATX-power supply, cause I was under the impression that the mendel got it´s power from that, but I can´t find any such info so I guess thats how the makerbot does it. The mendel needs 12V for the stepper boards but the main board gets power from the USB-TTL wire, as far as I can understand. I think the Extruder controller draws power from the main board. There´s also a USB-connector I can´t seem to find much info about. However I guess i can always hack the ATX-P-supply to power the stepper boards.

Tried to assemble the x-axis onto the frame and discovered that one of my leadscrews were anything but straight. The ones I got now are plain studding, I guess I´ll cut new ones from stainless steel since that is supposed to be a bit straighter and better.

Frame after putting the x-axis on, getting annoyed at how hard the right leadscrew was to turn, partly disassembling the x-axis and realizing the leadscrew was horribly bent.

Here´s the bugger, If it looks like its real crooked it´s cause it is.

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