Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The frog is on the move

Finished up the parts for the y-axis and assembled them on the frog-plate and threw it in the frame. Always a good feeling seeing things work in their intended position. Fascinating to see how compact everything is. Every cutout on the frog-plate is needed and gives it a little more travel. I reckon there is quite a bit of thinking and refining that has gone into the designs.

Finally dawned on me why the build-platform has that little cutout as well, haven´t seen the purge plate beeing used around the web though. Seems like a thing most people skip.

I think iprint3D is getting around to assembling my electronics as well. According to their schedule my order is being worked on this week. Lets hope they do and that I´ll soon have all the stuff needed to complete my mendel.

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